Isle of the Dead: Friday October 26, 7:30pm

Photo of Ricker Choi by Chris Hutcheson

It’s good to be back! The Sneak Peek Orchestra is excited to launch its sixth year, beginning with Isle of the Dead on October 26, 7:30pm at St. Gabriel’s Passionist Parish, featuring the esteemed Toronto pianist Ricker Choi performing Liszt’s devilish Totentanz, “Dance of Death,” and guest conductor William Rowson leading the orchestra in a rendition of Bach’s famous Toccata and Fugue in D minor, while our maestro Victor Cheng playing a pivotal role on the organ. Don’t worry, Victor will be back on the podium conducting a rare performance of Rachmaninoff’s orchestral masterpiece, Isle of the Dead.

This concert pays homage to some of the “spookiest” classical numbers, from the popular usage of the ‘gothic’ opening of Bach’s Toccata in films like Fantasia, to lesser known works that explore themes of darkness. Liszt’s concerto is a theme and variations on the ancient Dies Irae (“Day of Wrath”), while Rachmaninoff’s tone poem—inspired by a haunting painting of the same name—is a musical portrait of existential dread.

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