SPO Turns an Exciting New Page

Behind the scenes, Sneak Peek Orchestra has been buzzing with activity and excitement as we finalize the artistic plans for our 2012-2013 concert season. This week, however, we got a super charge of excitement that is different from the usual feelings associated with our much anticipated concerts.

This Monday at a Toronto Symphony Orchestra press conference, it was officially announced that Kevin Lau—SPO’s co-founder—has been appointed the Affiliate Composer for TSO’s next two seasons. Always an advocate of writing new music that speaks to today’s audience and a champion of community outreach, this opportunity will allow Kevin to share his music with even more people across Canada and beyond. His disarmingly down-to-earth personality will surely make him a hit amongst young audiences, and his music may just change your mind about modern music being comprehensible only to a select few.

This kind of announcement doesn’t come often, but as timing would have it, our Marketing Director, Tim Crouch, has also recently accepted the role of Marketing Co-ordinator with Tafelmusik. Defiantly optimistic in the face of “gloom and doom” predictions about dwindling audience interest, Tim has a vision for marketing and promoting classical music to new audiences. SPO has benefited from Tim’s fountain of ideas, leadership and insight, and we are stoked to see more of his ideas come to life through one of the foremost Baroque Orchestras in the world. Keep an eye out for Tafekmusik’s marketing activities going forward, because if you are not already a fan of Baroque music, you may just find yourself wondering what took you so long to realize how much it rocks.

We have always been proud of SPO’s accomplishments—all of which are due to our musicians, soloists, composers, community partners or volunteers—but these two announcements take the cake for being our best by far, rivaling the success of the very first SPO concert in 2007. It is a mark of how far we have come, and how true we have stayed to our shared vision of music as a positive and transformative force.

Congratulations, Kevin and Tim, on your remarkable accomplishments! Stayed tuned a preview of the concerts we have planned for you in the coming year. Follow us on facebook or subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed to be the first to know!

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